The Evolution

By: Canton Minzell

Nelson Curry is one of the only real soul men left! South Carolina's Sugga Shack Man's soulful voice, penmanship, and production make him a hit-making machine! His latest album "The Evolution Of Soul" is a journey of great music from Nelson Curry's narration!

Nelson has always enjoyed the sounds and feel of Soul, Blues, and Funk. With a heavy influence from groups such as James Brown, Johnny Taylor, The Time, and others. He prides himself on an exciting live stage show. Nelson, the former lead singer of The Klass Band Brotherhood, has built himself a great Southern Soul catalog!

"The Evolution Of Soul" already has several singles with DJs across the country in rotation! Songs like Drinks on Me, Juke Joint 2k, and You Deserve More are well on the way to becoming soul classics. A touch of dance, feel-good sounds, and heavy storylines make this one of the best albums released in 2022! According to Nelson, the plans are to do it in the old fashion. Let the album tell the story, and the music makes you dance.

Track  List

‚Äč1.  Evolution

2. Drinks On Me

3. Liquor House

4. Pop That Lady

5. Pop That Thang

6. Party With Friends

7.  Father Father

8.  Enter the Juke Joint

9. Juke Joint 2k

10. I'm Shackalicious

11. Honey Hole

12. Needing a Change

13. Big Thick

14. Call The Girls

15. Mamma

16. Sweet As Apple Pie

17.  Evolution Goocbye

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