Sensei-The Return

By: Canton Minzell

Big Pokey “Sensei” dropped months ago and is still certified heat in the streets. Top-notch production, Pokey's classic mellow tone, with 2021 bars, makes this album no short of a masterpiece.

Always one of the most beloved members of Screwed Up Click, this is the antidote to what the fans were missing. Title tracks like “Sensei” featuring Ronnetta Spencer (of Barre Baby fame), Piped Up, Pressure, and Change Your Life both featuring Eddie Coke, bring that bang straight to your front door. The album wouldn’t be complete with features from Htwon's finest Chamillionaire, Killa Kyleon, Kirko Bangz, Lisa Lee, Devin the Dude, and fellow Screw Up Click members Lil Keke, Lil O, and Chris Ward!

Big Pokey: Well, “Sensei” is one of my rap aliases. That’s the name that always stuck with me throughout my career. A few years ago, I had an album called “Hurricane Sensei,” but I never dropped it. So when we were putting this project together, we really didn’t have a name, we were just doing the work. So as we continue, I end up going back to an idea I had two years ago — another project I never released. So I just decided to recreate it and do it differently, and it actually came out hot. So that made us think that [Sensei] could be the title of the track and the name of the album.

“Sensei” is that 2021 heat that you want to hear from a legend. Teaming up Win Or Regret, Pokey was able to deliver what his fans and the game had been missing.


1. Piped Up

2. Sensei feat. Ronnetta Spencer

3. I’m Back feat. DJ X.O.

4. Mind Made Up feat. Lil' Keke & D-Bando

5. Stand the Rain feat. Chucky Trill

6. Diamonds in the Sky feat. Chamillionaire, Killa Kyleon, Kirko Bangz, Lisa Lee

7. I Swear to Tell the Truth feat. Redimade

8. Pressure feat. Eddie Coke

9. Lie About It feat. D-Bando

10. Once Upon a Time feat. Bigg Third & Chris Ward

11. Stacks feat. Lil O

12. Get By feat. Devin the Dude

13. Change Your Life feat. Eddie Coke 

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