By: Kara Sibson


Sophia Scott, a native of Colorado, recently released her debut EP titled "One Of These Days". Following the success of her EP, she has now unveiled her debut full-length album, "Barstool Confessions". This album truly reflects Sophia’s heart as she shares her experience of going through a life-changing breakup. The album consists of 12 honest songs that depict Sophia’s journey of healing and how she coped with the heartbreak. "Barstool Confessions" is a raw and emotional album that provides a glimpse into the singer's profound feelings.


Alongside preparing for her much-anticipated Grand Ole Opry debut t, Scott is celebrating the release of "Barstool Confessions" by unveiling the official music video for the album's emotional closing track "Watering Roses".

A musician based in Nashville talks about some of her unhealthy coping mechanisms and shares some of the wild moments during her journey of recovering from heartbreak. However, her soulful and honest songwriting, along with her ability to make personal experiences relatable to others, makes Barstool Confessions a testament to the power of living authentically, embracing femininity, and finding confidence in unexpected places.

Track listing

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