DJ Jubilee was born Jerome Temple in New Orleans. He grew up in the St. Thomas projects where he launched his DJ career in 1982. The nickname “Jubilee” was bestowed upon Temple when he was eight or nine by his older brother, in reference to New Orleans Saints player Jubilee Dunbar.

In 1992, he introduced the city to a whole new culture of music "Bounce". The following year, Jubilee exploded onto the scene with his debut cassette single, “Do the Jubilee All.” It sold around 230,000 copies, mainly in Louisiana and east Texas. The song and its author were afforded considerably broader exposure when Jube performed during the half-time show on the nationally televised Bayou Classic. His four-track debut, Stop Pause (1992-Take Fo’) followed, as did the full-length DJ Jubilee & the Cartoon Crew (Take Fo’) later the same year, again including “Do the Jubilee All.” DJ Jubilee has been recognized as the pioneer for the current dance phrase "Twerk".

In 1997, DJ Jubliee was back at it with another hit record "Get Ready Ready". Get ready took the world by storm debuting at #7 on billboard top 100. While touring on the weekend in his music profession he didn't forget about his passion, saving inner-city youth. In 1997, he began volunteering coaching at Annunciation square. Where he has (7) city championships, (13) uptown championships, competed in (12) championships in (17) years and (8) conservative championships.

DJ Jubilee remains at the top of conversation today, whether it is his music or community service touching and inspiring many generations.

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